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Monthly Archives: July 2011

hello all.

Ive had started the hipoly sculpt for a new character this week.

here is my progress so far, if anyone has any suggestions or crits I would greatly appreciate them.



A quick speed sculpt of an over weight truck driver

C&C are always appreciated

Here is another speed sculpt, unfortunately didn’t have time to finish the hair or add as many wrinkles as I wanted.

Hello everyone

After recently getting my computer up and running again, I began working on an ecorche for practice

with the limited time I had I decided not to do this skeleton this time, only the muscles

The skeleton I used was posted by hummel1dane, and can be found here:

Skeleton on

I had a lot of fun working on this, and plan on creating many more in the future

If anyone sees anything out of proportion or something that is incorrect please feel free to comment and let me know

I will have more updates on my current work shortly.

Thanks for stopping by