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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Spent more time texturing this brick wall.

After some critiques I spent more time on separating the feel of the grout from the brick.

I like what I have so far.

I have to tone down the specular rim lighting on the bricks next.

Here is the wall panel tiled 2X2


Hello all

Ive been working on an enviroment for the last week or two for class.

So far I don’t consider enviroments or texturing to be my strongest skill set so I wanted to spend a larger portion of time on this part of the project.

While I haven’t finalized the rest of the textures I found time to work on my tiling brick wall texture

Here it is on the wall planes currently tiled 2×2

As always C&C are always asked for an appreciated


With classes starting I wont have much time for other work,

Here is the skull with a quick texture pass

C&C are appreciated.


Finally got the teeth put in. Planning to finish the skull this weekend, before my classes start to ramp up.


Critiques are always appreciated.