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Category Archives: WIP

I was able to dig up an old demo video I had made awhile ago. It is more of a quick proof of concept made a few weeks after the class began.

Most of the game-play and visuals have been completely redone.

I am hoping to have more frequent video updates, once I can record at an acceptable FPS.


My only gripe with scripting is that it’s hard to show off, and get feedback.


I’ve had some personal projects I have been tinkering with in my free time.

Here is another pass on Simian. Using 3D Coat to do the low and maybe do a texture pass next.

Let me know what you think.

The render setup was fairly quick, and could probably use a lot of tweaking.




I will have more to post in the next few days,

as well as footage of the level I have been working on for the last few weeks.


Thanks for checking it out,

-Kyle Hickey


This high poly was started for a class project.

The sculpt was nearly finished however due to time I had to move it along a little quicker than I would have liked.

The low poly is nearly finished and I will be posting the finished version some time soon.

C&C are always appreciated.

Hello Everyone,

I’ am going to try and update at least every Sunday with progress on some of my work.

Here is the high poly for an SCR-300 A radio set circa 1945.

It will be carried by a WWII radioman character.

I will be finishing the phone, clips, and straps soon when I have more progress on the character.

For now here are some quick test renders with a custom material and sky light.



Check back next Sunday for the update.



We are hosting a Viking themed challenge at our new AIP forums


I am working on a weapons set. most likely will do a shield along with this.

Still have a long ways to go but I’m looking for C&C


Spent more time texturing this brick wall.

After some critiques I spent more time on separating the feel of the grout from the brick.

I like what I have so far.

I have to tone down the specular rim lighting on the bricks next.

Here is the wall panel tiled 2X2

Hello all

Ive been working on an enviroment for the last week or two for class.

So far I don’t consider enviroments or texturing to be my strongest skill set so I wanted to spend a larger portion of time on this part of the project.

While I haven’t finalized the rest of the textures I found time to work on my tiling brick wall texture

Here it is on the wall planes currently tiled 2×2

As always C&C are always asked for an appreciated

A quick update on my high poly mesh,

As always I’m looking for C&C on this.


With a two week break coming up i have a few projects I would like to complete.

Here is the piece of concept art from Adam Baines.


I am most just doing a high poly for, Its an area I haven’t had much practice in.

Here is my block out as it stands. of course all of this is just to establish form, and I haven’t begun modeling anything yet.

C&C is always appreciated and since this isn’t an are I’m to familiar with I’m sure it would help even more


An update an the Troll Hunter.

Next I need to block out the armor, and finalize the body details,

As always C&C is always appreciated.