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Category Archives: Speed Sculpts

Here is a quick speed sculpt I had a chance to work on, more progress coming on the high poly late this week.


During the last week or so I found some spare time to do a quick speed sculpt.

I played with some lighting in zbrush as well as a few of the BPR render settings

I decided to do an alien mostly because I haven’t sculpted something like this in awhile.


A quick speed sculpt of an over weight truck driver

C&C are always appreciated

Here is another speed sculpt, unfortunately didn’t have time to finish the hair or add as many wrinkles as I wanted.

I found time to take a second pass at this old guy.



A speed sculpt I made mainly to practice hair. I will most likely take another pass and add some hair on his head.

C&C is always appreciated


A speed sculpt I was able to turn out tonight, Inspired by the harpies in God of War 3.

I will most likely take a second pass at the model later this weekend.

C&C are always encouraged. I would appreciate the help.

This is a speed sculpt that I had decided to throw an extra hour or so into last night

I also spent a few minutes tinkering with the light and renderer

Teeth and Gums are base meshes form Alex Alvarez

Below are a few of the daily speed sculpts I have been working on

Each took around 1:30-2:00

C&C are always welcome

I will continue to post my speed sculpts, as frequently as possible.