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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Hello all,

between classes and work, there hasnt been much time for personal work or sculpting.

however once my class projects are completed I will hopefully be able to post them on here

in the mean time here is another quick speed sculpt, as well as some progress on Mr. Lloyd



Current WIP of Christopher Lloyd that I have been playing with for a few weeks, hoping to get more done before classes begin again.


Any C&C would be more than appreciated.


Below are a few of the daily speed sculpts I have been working on

Each took around 1:30-2:00

C&C are always welcome

I will continue to post my speed sculpts, as frequently as possible.


My name is Kyle Hickey, I am a game are student in Pittsburgh.

I will be using this blog to post my current WIP and finished works, as well as to keep in touch with other artists.

Feel free to comment or message me.