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Monthly Archives: October 2012

I was able to dig up an old demo video I had made awhile ago. It is more of a quick proof of concept made a few weeks after the class began.

Most of the game-play and visuals have been completely redone.

I am hoping to have more frequent video updates, once I can record at an acceptable FPS.


I have been attempting to update this blog with more of my past work. This level was made with a group for Adv Level Design.

Here are a few shots.

Here is the team roster:

Dylan Rinker: Concept Art, Character Modeler/Animator/Texture

Katherine Benedict-McClellan: Art Director, Concept Art Lead, Environment Modeler

Ian Spencer: Environment Modeler/Texture Artist

Kyle Hickey: Production Lead, Effects, Lighting, Tech Lead, Game play Designer

An update on the Tommy Gun, I’m hoping to have the low poly done and mapped very shortly.

Thanks for Checking it out.