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Category Archives: HighLights

This is the section for near finished and finished textures or models.

A Sci-fi simian type creature. I will be redoing the highpoly so until then here is what I have.




Decided to give the radio a moreĀ flatteringĀ render inside of marmoset. The low poly is shows as well. I will most likely polish it up along with the soldier.



Tiling terrain textures for an internship assignment. Maps are all 512 diffuse, normal, and spec. Shows in cryengine viewport.



An update on the Tommy Gun, I’m hoping to have the low poly done and mapped very shortly.

Thanks for Checking it out.

here is something I have been up to this week.

I will have a finished version up in a few days.

I am going to eventually get it into UDK and do some vertex painting moss on it as well.

let me know what you thinking